Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend Update

First and foremost, the painting of our new house is finally complete. While this should mean that I will have more time to focus on my training, the actual interpretation comes out to suggest that we can now start working on moving all of our junk over from the old house. I know that with only two weeks left I should be putting the triathlon as a top priority, but seeing that participating in this triathlon is only going to be a onetime thing that I probably shouldn’t be attempting in the first place, my family takes precedence.

I was more diligent about preparing for the triathlon this weekend than I was last week. Not only did I wake up early to get some training in, but Steph and I also headed downtown to The Runners Forum to pick up some new gear to replace the current equipment that I have worn to shreds. The salesman, Smitty I believe, was very helpful in assisting me in choosing the proper gear that fit my specific needs. I informed him that I was getting ready to run my first triathlon and that there were some specific things I needed before being able to do so. It was nice that he didn’t break down laughing at that point, but he was a business man that wanted to make a sale so I am sure he waited to do so until after I left.

The first item that Smitty helped me decide upon was proper running shoes. For those of you that don’t know, I have some seriously messed up legs where the bones twisted as they grew causing one of my legs to be shorter than the other. Trust me, I have heard every joke possible about skating in a circle due to this problem. But I digress… One of the main reasons that I choose to go to the Runners Forum over the Footlocker is that they actually help you pick a shoe that fits your running style. I had to run up and down this make-shift track as Smitty watched my stride and decided what type of shoes would best support the blubbery mass that was tromping through his store. After trying on several pairs, we finally decided upon these…

New Running Shoes

They are very comfortable. In fact, Stephanie had to make sure to remind me that I am only to wear these shoes while I am working out since she knows I would wear them everywhere as I do with any pair of sneakers that I get. The best part about The Runners Forum was that Smitty actually helped me get a pair of shoes that fit and worked the best for me instead of just trying to push the highest cost pair my way. I saw the price on some of those things and almost fainted. I guess when your main hobby is running you spend as much on shoes as I do on comics and candy.

There was another item that I picked up at the store as well, but I am saving it for a special post. Just know that I am now fully equipped with the gear that will help me complete this triathlon in style.

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  1. Congrats on the purchase, dude. Smitty is a nice guy, and fast as ****. Case in point, he wears a single digit as his number for the Mini. I think the dude is in the top 10 every year, maybe higher.

    Meet up Thursday? Maybe early for a swim, then again at 45 for some power food?