Friday, July 24, 2009

Fat Friday: 7-24-09

It’s finally here, the triumphant return of Fat Friday. That’s right. It is time for me to jump up on that scale and hope that it doesn’t read “TILT”. So since I know you have all been dying to see how my weight loss goal has been going…

July 24th Scale

So while the number is less than last time and even though I had an extra week to work on it, 289.6 is nowhere close to the goal that I had set for myself. Many things can attribute to this failure such as the lack of exercise I have been getting, the delicious chicken wings and fries from Wing Stop or BBQ chicken salad from Applebee’s that I’ve had for lunch this week, the fact that our new fridge only has leftovers from Hot Box Pizza and Church’s Chicken and I’ll even throw out the fact that maybe it’s just genetic… it’s not but I can say that. No matter what the cause is I have not done very well over the past two weeks. My wife has told me several times that I look as if I am slimming down, but I don’t know if she is being honest or nice. Of course I took pictures to help me decide.

July 24th, 2009

I guess my stomach does look a little smaller in this picture compared to the… hell, it looks exactly the same as the last one. In fact I think that the one pound difference probably came from the hair that I cut and shaved off of my head. I’m pretty sure that if you bagged all those clippings it would weigh at least one pound if not more.

With that out of the way my next plan of action is to prepare for the weekend. More painting, packing and moving is top of the priority list right now, but I’ve been told that I have a few more things that I should look into getting before attempting to complete a triathlon. Apparently the hand-me-down Reebok shoes that I have been wearing for the better part of a year aren’t the best choice for running shoes and I’ve been told that if I wear my three year old swim trunks that there is a good chance I could severely injure my inner thighs when I switch over to the bike portion of the race. What does this mean? In the coming week you can plan on getting some updates of my brand spankin’ new triathlon gear. Now I just have to get back to training so I can actually use the stuff.