Monday, July 13, 2009

I Want To Ride My

A while back I took inventory of everything I was going to need to run this triathlon properly. Sneakers for running: on my feet right now. Swim gear for swimming: same pair of trunks I’ve had for three years now. Bike for riding… The only bicycling that I had been doing until that point was on a stationary bike at the gym. I hadn’t even thought about needing a bike. Lucky for me my little sister was gracious enough to lend me her vintage Huffy Black Water Mountain Bike.

My New Bike

Check out all of the cool features it comes with. Ripped up gel padded seat, sticky gears, deflated tires, genuine rust coating and my personal favorite, handle bars that won’t rise up so that I have to lean over the entire time I am riding it. What a gem!

But I am not one to turn a free bike down. In fact, Steph (my wife) and I have been riding all over town since I’ve gotten this baby. Some of our better rides include going to the Elbow Room where our waiter gave us an entire pitcher of water since he obviously thought I was about to pass out and biking to the Shelby Street CafĂ© & Bistro for breakfast where I sat catching my breath for a good five minutes before I could even eat anything. Yes, this bike is the start to a brand new era of being extremely sore and wishing I would have just driven to places.

The best part about my new bike is how unique it will be compared to the others in the triathlon. While other guys will have supped up sport bikes with custom handle bars, fancy racing wheels and man legs that just won’t quit… I’ve got a basket! That’s right. While all these other basketless riders will be reaching out to people on the sidelines for water, I’ll just reach forward and grab whatever I might’ve put in there before the race… such as a mid-race hoagie? Who knows?

At least I am fully geared and ready to do this thing. Now the only question that remains is can I actually survive.

Steph got a little photo happy when taking the shots of the bike, so I put some of the other pictures for you to take a gander at. Enjoy!
New Bike Seat & BasketNew Bike WheelNew Bike Chains & PedalNew Bike Seat


  1. hahaha You better be proud of that bike! It has been my baby for four years... and believe me it won't let you down! (This is Lori using Josh's computer by the way ;) )

  2. I took the old girl on the ultimate test drive yesterday. She survived a 23.4 mile ride... I didn't fair as well. Still very sore today.