Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Back Home Again

The only reason that this post is being made is because I promised to do so. The bike show in Carlisle Pennsylvania was as fun and exhausting as all bike shows usually are. There was only one difference between this show and the others that I have attended. As soon as we got back home from this show I had to take off and head to the closing of our brand new house. Needless to say, it made for a long day of which I am not completely rested.

On the weight front it is back to square one. I didn’t eat horribly while I was away and I actually got down to the hotel gym twice during our stay… but on the way home we stopped at Cracker Barrel and I couldn’t seem to find anything else to order besides the Mama’s Pancake Breakfast with blueberry pancakes. That coupled with riding in a truck for over twenty hours while stuffing my face with beef jerky has put me right back at 290.1 lbs. Solution? I need to kick it into high gear… while catching up on the work I missed last week, painting our new house and moving everything in. If I do get any free time it is going to be hard to choose between taking a nap or exercise.

I apologize for not supplying any of those topless pictures that you all adore so much. I will make sure to get them taken for this Friday when I plan on hitting the goal of 185 a week late. Until then it is back to the Slim Fast bars for breakfast and lunch and a sensible meal for dinner. Pizza and breadsticks are sensible right? With a slice of pie for dessert… oh how I miss that tasty pastry.

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  1. If you try backing out of this triathlon because you're too swollen from eating Cracker Barrel and beef jerky I swear to God, I'll beat you to death with your own shoes...