Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tri-n' It Out

After much deliberation, I have decided that this Sunday I am going to run a mock triathlon. This will allow me to not only see if I can survive such an ordeal, but provide me with a relative time frame for completing the actual event as well. Also it allows me to gauge just how horribly I will perform so I can prepare for the public humiliation I have set myself up to receive.

In preparation for this run I have set equivalent distances to the actual triathlon with a 10.4 mile bike route and a 3.2 mile running… jogging, probably walking route that centers around our current residence and my father in-law’s house since that is where I will be doing the swimming portion (16 full laps = 200 yards).


Knowing how long it takes me to complete a route that is comparable to the Cicero triathlon will give me an idea of what to expect when I run the real thing and it will help set a goal for the big day. My hope is that if I simply just set a goal of a time that I want to beat that I won’t get caught up in trying to race the other participants and in the process make an even bigger fool of myself. Also, I have been told that you shouldn’t push yourself too hard the week before a competition, so Sunday will be my final big push with the rest of the week being simple runs, bikes or swims to keep me on my toes… that is if I am still able to function afterword.

Tomorrow is Fat Friday and I can tell you that it will be very similar to last Friday. As I came into work this morning the scale read the exact same thing as it did before. Of course I know that those topless pictures will keep you coming back for more no matter what the weight change might be.


  1. I'm in for Sunday....just want to finish the whole thing once to make sure I can survive...then we'll be a bit more confident during the actual race and can focus on meeting a specific time goal.

    Oh, and the swim is actually 0.2 miles, so 350 yards...not 200 like we originally thought

    Unfortunately, that means it's 28 laps in Steph's dad's pool, not 16

  2. I thought you were moving this weekend? Hope Stephanie -- or the mock triathalon -- doesn't kill you.

  3. The plan is to have everything moved into the house by the end of the day Saturday so that Steph can rest and I can put myself through unnecessary torture.

  4. and the bike route for the tri is only 9.5 miles, not 10.4...

    Not that the extra mile will kill us during the practice run, but if we want to simulate the actual experience, we may want to change the route a bit to be closer.

  5. Think we should try for 1:30:00...

    What do you think?

  6. Ladies and gentlemen, please ignore the ignorant comments of my colleague Gary. Maybe he should try contacting me through email, phone or even facebook if he wants to plan this crap out! By the way, we need to see if Alex wants to run this with us as well.