Thursday, July 9, 2009

Slim Fast Sucks

I’ve never cared for any kind of dark chocolate, the vanilla and strawberry taste as if the main ingredient is chalk and after I drink the cappuccino flavor I smell it every time that I go to the restroom. Whether you are drinking the brand name Slim-Fast or the generic Slim-Rite, these dietary shakes are some of the most awful tasting things on the planet. With that said, I kinda like the milk chocolate flavored Slim Fasts. They remind me of the sugar free Jell-O pudding pops that your mom would sneak into the freezer to replace the regular pudding pops with in order to keep you from getting childhood diabetes… or was I the only chubbo on the street with the permanent pudding pop ring around my lips all summer long?

Either way, out of all the “fad” diets I’ve tried and dietary supplements I’ve taken, Slim Fast seems to stick with me. I’ve got a box of the Chewy Granola Peanut Butter meal bars in my desk drawer right now. I started drinking the shakes during film school as a quick and cheap meal substitute since my hectic schedule kept me in classes or labs and I didn’t have the time to… who am I kidding? I was lazy and didn’t want to fix dinner and couldn’t afford to go out. Since then I have actually tried to use them to cut back on my calorie intake while still getting the necessary daily nutrients through these quick and easy meal supplements.

The shakes don’t cut it for me. I am likely to drink the shake and still feel hungry enough that I eat a whole other meal… or two. I’m not saying that I’ve had a shake for breakfast followed by a delicious chicken, egg and cheese on a sunflower multigrain bagel from Chik-Fil-A… I’m just saying it could happen. However, the meal bars do a decent job of filling me up and keeping me that way until I get to jam another one of those peanut butter flavored cardboard bars in my mouth. Currently my breakfast and lunch has consisted of these bars along with some milk or a banana. We’ll see if that helps out at all as I get closer and closer to attempting this triathlon.


  1. Slim Fast sucks so much that I had Pizza Hut for lunch today. FYI, the new Panormous is delicious. Looks like it is back to square one for me.

  2. Baby steps Fritz, baby steps.

    Panormous... is a little more than a baby step, but hell, there's always tomorrow.

  3. You know, maybe you could replace your desk chair at work with a cycling machine...that way you could do some exercise while you're sitting on your ass blogging all day...

    Remember, the more people you get to join this blog and your Facebook group, the more horribly embarrassing it's going to be if you fail hard on August 8....they might form a mob and set you on fire

    Give me a call today so we can try to get some training in tonight or this weekend.