Monday, August 17, 2009

Six Pounds In Three Days!

So on my way to the cubicle this morning I stopped by the pallet scale just to find out exactly how bad these car and bike shows are for my weight. Sadly to say, I am now back up to 288 lbs. In just three days I gained six pounds. But I guess that is what a weekend of McDonalds, Burger King, Bob Evans, Guinness, Fat Tires and deep fried fair food will get you.

Granted, I could have made healthier decisions such as getting a vegetable omelet for breakfast instead of blueberry pancakes with strawberry and whipped cream topping or not getting the cheeseburger value meal and having a salad instead (I hate fast food salads), but I didn’t. All I have done is increased the challenge of hitting the current weight goal of 275 lbs with an additional six. I really didn’t set a deadline to hit the current goal, but I was really hoping to try and knock it out in a little over a week. Now that I have to lose twelve pounds instead of seven I am guessing that it will take me at least two weeks.

The strangest thing about this weekend was that since I hadn’t exercised all last week I was craving physical activity. For me, that isn’t right. We are talking about the guy who has been known to sit in front of his computer all weekend long immersed in the World of Warcraft… physical activity is just not my thing. But I have wanted to get back to the gym pretty bad lately. The only problem with that is that I am currently without a vehicle to get me there.

With my Chevy Venture, or as my good friend Garin calls it the “Blue Rajah”, still out of commission I am at the will of my loving chauffeur… I mean wife, until we get the van back up and running. The good side of that is that since she has to take me to work I can’t make any detours for breakfast as I have been known to do. So while it might be a pain to juggle both our schedules for a while, it will keep me from eating out every morning and hopefully inch closer to my goal of 275 lbs.


  1. That's a great sign - craving physical activity. Shows you're doing something right! Hang in there, and keep working hard. Cheering you on!

  2. It's time to get this going again. Time to track you success through the Mini!