Tuesday, August 4, 2009

To Be Young Again...

Recently some old photos of myself have been surfacing. These pictures feature a much younger and skinnier version of me than what this blog has been presenting. To give you an idea of where I have come from, for your consideration I present to you…

Skinny Fritz

Who’s that dude? During high school I always saw myself as overweight and fairly unattractive. But looking at this picture makes me realize that I was only a fashion makeover away from being in an N’Sync cover band. Look at that sexy guy oddly holding a Magna Doodle for some unknown reason. However, while skinny Jake is most definitely a positive of this picture, the absolute best aspect is my good friend Shane who even though was a year younger than I could already grow some seriously manly facial hair. Well played old man… well played.

So now you can see one of the major catalysts for losing weight. To help you better understand where I am coming from I have made this side by side comparison.

Skinny VS Fat

Wow… I think I just depressed myself even more than the first time I looked at that picture. Most people gain the dreaded “Freshman Fifteen” after high school. As always I went above and beyond the norm and packed on the Freshman Fifty… and then another fifty for good measure. However, while this skinny kid is well under a hundred pounds lighter than I am now, at least I’m… I now have… I’ve now got… I’m going to… Nope. I got nothing. I would absolutely love to be back at that weight again. Here’s to dreaming.

Only 4 days left.
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