Monday, August 10, 2009

Cicero Triathlon Complete!

I won't bore you with too many details today. Below I have listed out my times along with some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Bib number: 245
Overall Place: 331 out of 332
Division Place: 22 out of 22
Gender Place: 214 out of 215
Swim Time: 11:42
1st Transition: 3:25
Bike Time: 48:40
2nd Transition: 1:30
Run Time: 44:45
Overall Time: 1:50:00

I have been telling people that I came in 328th place out of 400 all weekend because I looked at the online results incorrectly and I thought that we had a full line of racers, but apparently sixty-eight people didn't show up on race day. Also, they rank your individual times in each event which was what I was looking at seeing that my swim time was 301st out of 332, my bike time was 331st our of 332 and my run was 328th our of 332 which was the place I was telling everybody. The bike time was my worst and I will give you all more information about that later on this week. But now, picture time!

After jumping into the lake I knew why they had considered going to a run-bike-run event... it was filthy.

Gettin' Out Of The Water
Climbing out of the water after being kicked in the face and gut the entire way over.

Get On That Bike & Ride
Getting ready to mount up and ride!

Fat Man On A Little Bike
Fat Man On A Little Bike

Run Forest, RUN!
Done with the bike portion. Now onto the run... which quickly turned into a walk.

Coming To The Finish!
Coming into the final stretch... with both feet off the ground.

Triathletes Unite!
Triathletes of the day UNITE! Taking some pics with Alex, his beautiful lady, his father and brother... all triathletes. But somebody is missing from this picture.

Where's Gary?
Where's Gary? He wasn't able to run with us as he had twisted his ankle the day before. Sorry man. There is always next year!

Banana Man!
Here I am stoically scarfing down my celebratory banana.

Checking The Stats
Checking to see if they had posted my stats yet. The answer, no. I don't think that they post the second to last place position up.

My Little Sis
My little sister took all of these photos for me. Without her there would be nothing for you all to see. Thank you Lori! Your brother loves you.

My Beautiful Woman
And of course I can't forget my loving and supportive wife. Without you Stephanie I would not have been able to complete this goal. Thank you for being there for me and letting me "train" while I should have been taking care of other responsibilities around the house. You are my everything and I will love you always and forever.

Enough of that cheese! My first goal is complete! Now if I could only hit that first weight loss goal of 285 lbs. I'll bring more detailed updates about how the triathlon went as the week goes on. Thank you all to those who have been following along. For now enjoy the pictures and help me celebrate my first victory!