Monday, August 3, 2009

Tri Trial Complete

The mock triathlon was a success! And by success I mean that I didn’t die. In fact, I had actually set up the overall course to be slightly more than the actual race just so I made sure my body could handle it all, which I now know I can. I didn't take any pictures this time through as I am waiting for the actual event to do so.

Yesterday we headed over to my father in-law’s house to begin the swim portion of the course. This is where I got to try out my brand spankin’ new Tri-Shorts. They are as tight as a Speedo but breath as if you were wearing nothing at all… very sexy. These babies stayed snug and secure for all three legs of the course.

Since I had decided that I was going to swim a greater distance than what was required, I went ahead and shot for thirty laps as Gary had informed me previously that our sixteen laps was incorrect and we actually needed twenty-eight. It wasn’t until after I had completed the entire course that my idea of laps consisted of down and back equaling one while his was a simple one end to the other… meaning I did almost double of what I was supposed to do.

The thirty laps took me about a minute each and even after doing double the amount needed I wasn’t tired… this might have to do with the fact that one-fourth of the laps were done using the backstroke and that my fatty cushion gives me natural buoyancy, but let’s move onto the bike ride.

After I completed my laps I hopped on to my trusty Huffy Black Water that had two water bottles up front in the basket to help keep me hydrated and set off on the course I had laid out wearing only my Tri-Shorts and brand new running shoes. I did modify the bike course slightly to add an extra mile in the overall length.

Tri-Trial Revised

It wasn’t until I turned onto the first main road that I remembered it was Sunday morning. As I rode through the streets in all my topless glory that you have been privilege to seeing every Friday, I began passing churches that were either getting ready to start service or were just getting out. While at first I thought it would be awkward the fact that Christians are loving and supportive people soon came back to me and nothing compares to the support I received from the little old ladies that were standing outside. Riding by I would hear them say such things as, “Dear Lord”, “My God” and “Oh Jesus” which I can only assume was the beginning to their prayers asking the almighty to watch over this stud of a man as he traveled on his journey.

The overall bike ride was about eleven miles long and I completed the entire route in forty-five minutes. I probably would have done better if I didn’t have to stop at every light and intersection, though it also wouldn’t have hurt if I didn't coast down every hill and slow down every time I would ride through shade. As soon as I got back to my father in-law’s house I took off on my run.

The run started off as a slow jog so that I could regain my balance after being on the bike for so long. I have heard some hilarious stories of tri-athletes face planting themselves as they transition from the bike to the run and don't get their balance correct. As soon as I knew that I was good to go, I maintained my pace and it only slowed further from there. By the time I had gotten out of the subdivision and back onto the main streets my feeble jog had turned into some half-hearted power walk. I knew from the start that the run portion would be my biggest hurdle, but I did not know that my legs would be so tight that if I even tried to run everything just tensed up and made it impossible to move… so my three mile run turned into a three mile walk which took me about an hour to complete.

My overall tri-time was two and a half hours. Gary looked up the time of the person who came in last place at Cicero last year and it was two hours and fifteen minutes. Needless to say, I really don’t care as I am simply only wanting to complete the course this year. Also needless to say, I am tired and sore. Sorry for the lengthy update today, but I wanted to share the overall experience with you. I will be keeping you up to date this week as we countdown to the big day this Saturday.

Only 5 days left.
Current weather forecast: High of 84 with a 30% chance of thunder storms

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