Friday, August 7, 2009

A Very Special Fat Friday: 8-7-09

I apologize for the lack of updates over the past two days. Again, it goes back to finding that good balance thing… but let’s not talk about the past. It’s Friday and that means that we get to see just how much progress I have made in a week.

Scale 8-7-09

Another .4 pounds down, which means that I am only 2.6 pounds from hitting the only goal that I have ever set for myself. As I am the constant procrastinator, taking a month to accomplish a goal isn’t all that bad. In fact if I ever do get down to 285 it will probably take me another month just to set my next goal.

Of course a picture of a scale and some blithering about how fat I am isn’t why you all come to visit every Friday and today is even more special than most. I mentioned some time back that I would let you all see the tri-shorts that I picked up for tomorrow’s race and I figured what better way to show them off than to showcase them here on the weekly weight in. So, without further stalling…

Weigh in 8-7-09

Man do I look good in those shorts! One would think that they would be constrictive and binding, but they are the most comfortable things I have worn in ages. In fact, if my work didn’t have a strict dress code against them, I would wear these babies with a shirt and a tie every day… the shirt would be tucked in of course.

I know that it’s difficult to see if there have been any changes from the first time that I displayed my Adonis-esque body to the world, so since today is the last Friday before the triathlon I went ahead and slapped this comparison together. Before you take a look, realize that the front view looks almost exactly the same… but you can definitely tell a difference from the side.

Weight Transformation 8-7-09

It is amazing that I have only lost three pounds from the first time I started Fat Friday and my stomach is significantly smaller. I know that one can argue that I have probably gained muscle mass since I have started working out, but I don’t think that I have gained enough to make is so that three pounds is all I have lost. The truth is that even though I am working out and trying to eat better I still sneak off to Penn Station for a medium Philly with a large fresh cut fries and fresh squeezed lemonade. So only losing three pounds seems very reasonable to me.

In triathlon news, this came to my email yesterday:
We will be swimming! Based on the overwhelming comments from participants, we will be holding the swim portion with a few added precautions made due to the warning issued by the Department of Health regarding blue/green algae. We will have hoses available for rinsing after the swim portion if you choose and the pool house showers will be available after the race. Please consider that the hoses can only rinse so many people at a time and there are limited number of showers in the pool house. We will have close to a full field of 400 on race day so if you choose to use the hose or showers, please be patient.

Woo-Hoo! I won’t have to run twice! This was the best news I have gotten in a long time. Also, for those of you wondering, I have no intention of stopping at the hoses to wash off before I hit the bike portion of the race. My body hair creates a rather protective barrier for my skin and I will more than likely sweat enough to clean anything stuck to my body off, so I see no need to stop and hose down.

Tomorrow is the big day! After all this talk and hype and haphazard training the big day has finally arrived. Since I did the mock triathlon last weekend I know that this race can be conquered. The real question is: How fast can I finish it? I am not looking to kill myself over an event that I am only trying to finish, but I do want to complete this thing as fast as I possibly can. Thank you all for your support thus far. It has been fun sharing this event in my life with you all. Come back Monday for the full results and hopefully a slew of pictures that document the big day.

Only 1 day left.
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  1. While you're food intake could stand a bit more discipline, I'm happy you and Gary and doing the race. See ya in the water!